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Attorney’s Fees for Property Damage Claims in North Carolina

If are are planning on hiring a personal injury lawyer to assist you with your North Carolina property damage claim, it is essential that you understand exactly how much of the lawyer will receive from your property damage claim. It is not uncommon for clients to become confused or upset when they discover exactly how much their lawyer is taking of their claim. To ensure that you understand where your money is going, it is important that you understand that a contingency fee agreement may entitle your lawyer to a significant percentage of your recovery or award.

Spend some time speaking to your lawyer about how your attorney’s fees will be calculated and if its still not clear, be sure to ask for specific examples to help illustrate how the attorney’s fees would be calculated. If and when your property damage claim received an offer from the insurance company, please be sure to ask your lawyer how much of the settlement would be going to attorney’s fees. Do not allow the attorney to “get back to you with those numbers,” stay vigilant and ensure that you understand where your money goes.

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