Unrelated Lab Work Charges at ER

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My wife was in an accident and was taken to the ER by ambulance. We have gotten the bills and see there are some charges for some lab work that they did that is technically unrelated (pregnancy test prior to xrays and some blood work to verify her lightheadedness was not due to low blood sugar). I am about to send the bills and records to the adjuster but I am wondering if the adjuster should reimburse these?


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Great question and thank you for the post.

The simple answer to your question is that the insurance company generally would not likely be liable for those medical expenses not directly related to the accident. However, some tests are typical whenever being admitted to the emergency room. Pregnancy and low blood sugar tests could be those typically ran when being admitted to the hospital, especially for a female who will need x-rays and has diabetes.

With this being said, the insurance adjuster may still make these cuts to your wife's hospital bills. Due to the complicated issues surrounding your wife's treatment, you may want to contact a Personal Injury Attorney near you.

We wish you and your wife luck. I hope this helped.
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