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What do I do if the insurance company is giving me a really hard time and won't pay for my doctor's bills? The lady that hit me has Allstate and they told me over the phone that the "impact was minor" and there was no way I could be that injured. Well, I am and now I am stuck with doctor's bills for physical therapy I never wanted to do but had to because that lady slammed into the back of my car. What should I do? Do I need to hire a lawyer?

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Thanks for the post.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often place a lot of weight on the causal relationship between the amount of damage to a vehicle and injuries. Insurance companies attempt to limit liability by not covering those medical expenses caused by an accident where the impact is considered to be "minor." An insurance company is only responsible for those medical expenses that are deemed reasonable and necessary; therefore, with minimal impact collisions, it is pivotal that you are able to prove that all your medical expenses are reasonable and necessary, as they relate to your injuries caused by the accident.

I would encourage you to try to get a licensed medical physician to write an opinion on the cause of your injuries and the recommended treatment plan. An opinion from a doctor can help establish that your injuries were likely caused by the accident and that your treatment plan is necessary.

With this being said, I would highly recommend that you contact a local attorney to schedule a consultation. Please feel free to use our Lawyer Locator Service to find an attorney near you.
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