How do I claim lost wages if I lost a contract position?

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I am working with an insurance company for my claim I had on May 5, 2016. Im a contractor and painter. Due to restrictions set by my doctor for injuries I got from being rear-ended, i had to let go of a contract i received to paint the interior of newly built townhomes in a new neighborhood. The builders were on a deadline and were not able to wait for my restrictions to be lifted so they had to give the contract to another painter. Im back to work but the contract was for about $2,500. can i claim this? if so, how?


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I am sorry to hear that you have been involved in an accident and that the accident has affected your livelihood and work. There is a simple and, well, not so simple answer to your question.

The simple answer is 'yes,' you can and you should include any and all lost wages and income after an accident as part of your personal injury claim. From your question, you indicated that you had a contract to perform this work and you were unable to do so because of your doctor's instructions/limitations. This is powerful evidence that can and should support your claim for lost wages and income.

On the other hand, the 'not-so-simple' answer is 'yes, but...' The concern that I have as a personal injury lawyer is that it is difficult to gather sufficient evidence to support your self-employed claim for lost wages and also be able to speak to the insurance adjusters in the 'language' that they understand.

Gathering your lost wages and income evidence will not likely be enough to support your claim for lost wages. You must support and present your claim in a way that will prove your damages as reasonable and proper. For more information about presenting your lost wages in a North Carolina personal injury case, visit Claiming Lost Wages - Overview

I hope that this helps!
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