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Personal injury lawyer Jared Pierce discusses the "ins and outs" of car accident law in Durham, North Carolina, with detailed advice and guidance on how to handle your own car accident claim in North Carolina. You will discover practical legal advice for seeking medical treatment, reviewing accident-related medical treatment and presenting your insurance claim.

Durham Car Accident Lawyer – Video Transcript

Welcome to the Durham, North Carolina accident law information section of Wallace Pierce Law’s website. My name is Jared Pierce and I’m the founder of Wallace Pierce Law. We have worked diligently for many years to create and gather the resources on this website for people just like you.

On this website you’ll find articles, content, guides, and resources that will assist you in answering some of the most complicated personal injury questions that accident victims encounter. Moreover, this area of our website is dedicated to giving accident victims information that is relevant to individuals that have been involved in accidents in Durham, North Carolina or who live in Durham, North Carolina but have been involved in an accident and injured somewhere else in North Carolina.

The information that we’ve gathered ranges from answers to common questions to contact details for organizations and medical facilities that may be able to assist you with recovering after your accident. If you need it, we have likely gathered it for you already on our Durham, North Carolina accident law website to assist you on your road to recovery.

After your car accident, you will likely need some time to explore the resources and articles at your disposal. Take your time to explore the rest of our website including the guides on negotiating strategies, lien types, lien guides, attorney’s fees calculators, statute of limitations calculators and much more.

You’ll find that our website is a comprehensive source of everything you need to know about how to seek compensation that you deserve after your Durham, North Carolina car accident. We have really tried hard to create a one-stop solution for accident victims to get their questions answered in a safe and secure manner.

In the event that you’re unable to find the information you’re looking for, simply let us know on our North Carolina accident law forum. Wallace Pierce Law serves North Carolina personal injury clients across North Carolina from our main Durham, North Carolina location. Our Durham office is centrally located on South Miami Boulevard to ensure that our clients have ease of access and ensure that when they need to meet with their personal injury attorney, they can. Finally, we offer in-home consultations and by-appointment consultations for personal injury clients anywhere in Durham, North Carolina.

Durham Hospitals

Information on local Durham hospitals and urgent care facilities for emergency medical treatment related to motor vehicle accidents.

Durham Hospitals Nearby

Durham Primary Care

Information on local Durham primary care physicians for continued medical treatment related to motor vehicle accidents.

Durham Doctors Nearby

Durham Orthopedics and PT

Information on local Durham orthopedics and physical therapy facilities for medical care and treatment related to motor vehicle accidents.

Durham Orthopedics Nearby

Durham Chiropractors

Information on local Durham chiropractic facilities for medical care and treatment related to motor vehicle accidents.

Durham Chiropractors Nearby

Durham Medical Specialists

Information on specialized medical services in Durham from neurologists, ear nose and throat doctors, spine specialists, and more.

Medical Specialists in Durham

Durham Government

Information on local courts, police, emergency medical transport, and other government services for Durham, North Carolina.

Government Services

Durham Transportation

Information on traveling in and around Durham, North Carolina after your car accident.

Durham Transportation

Durham Attractions

Information on things to do in Durham, North Carolina. From what to do to where to eat after your motor vehicle accident.

Durham Attractions

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