Hiring A Private Investigator

Finding and Hiring a Private Investigator

Considering whether or not to hire a private investigator is an important decision for any claimant. Private investigators can offer significant aid in gathering witness statements related to the car accident.

Attempting to gather statements on your own may present certain issues. For example, gathering witness statements may result in you becoming a witness to the statements made. Collecting witness statements may create a conflict of interest or even cause you to testify against your own case if you are asked to reveal what an unavailable witness disclosed to you. Hiring a private investigator can assist you in locating missing witnesses, conducting professional witness examinations and ensuring an appropriate separation between you and any adverse witnesses.

While hiring a private investigator can be costly, retaining the right person to aid in your case is priceless. When hiring someone, it will be a good idea to discuss his or her professional experience and number of years of service as well as to obtain contact information for at least three professional references.

The most common need for hiring a private investigator is to help locate missing witnesses and gather witness statements. These types of detectives are typically well-practiced in approaching disinterested witnesses and conducting a thorough and appropriate examination of their knowledge of the facts. Moreover, private investigators may be able to assist in discovering video or surveillance footage from businesses in close proximity to the accident.

Evidence gathering and statement procurement is as much an art as it is a science. For this reason, hiring the right private investigator is essential to gathering evidence that will assist you in the development of your case’s legal theory.

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