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Effect of Pre-Existing Conditions on Your Claim

One of the insurance company’s most utilized methods for limiting the amount of money you receive after an accident is to claim that your injuries or damages were pre-existing. Some insurance adjusters will attempt to establish a negative correlation between your current condition following an accident and injuries or conditions that you suffered from before the accident. Although you cannot recover compensation for the pre-existing…

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Should I Provide a Recorded Statement?

Initial Contact With the Insurance Company After an accident, you can expect to be overwhelmed with new terminology and an unfamiliar process. However, some of what occurs in starting your claims process involves communicating with the insurance company about your various claims. As such, it is not uncommon to receive a request from the insurance company for more information or details related to the accident….

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Communications with Third Parties After an Accident

Generally, when you are involved in a personal injury claim, it is advised that you use extreme caution when discussing your accident with any third parties, such as insurance companies, or in public forums, such as on social media websites. To protect your claim, you should not provide recorded statements about the accident to the insurance company providing liability coverage for the accident. With that…

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Will Hiring a Lawyer Speed Up My Case?

Hiring a lawyer to help you with your personal injury claim typically will not speed up the process and lead to a faster settlement. However, retaining an attorney for your case does help to ensure that the claim moves at the speed necessary to recover maximum damages, so that you are compensated for your injuries to the fullest extent. When a claim is settled quickly,…

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Negotiating Personal Injury Attorney’s Fees

Parties involved in a personal injury case often opt to hire an attorney to handle their legal matters. Certain situations may arise in which a party finds an attorney they would like to hire to handle their personal injury claim but later discovers that the attorney’s fees are just too high. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several ways you may attempt…

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What to Say or Not Say at the Scene of a North Carolina Car Accident

Immediately after an accident occurs, your emotions and adrenaline are pumping furiously. We are all guilty of saying things that we wish we would not have said when we are in a state of shock. Most people don’t realize that what they say at the scene of an accident could negatively impact their personal injury claim or recovery; therefore, it is important to remain as…

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Hiring the Right Lawyer

How Do I Find the Right Lawyer for my Case? Finding and hiring the right lawyer for your North Carolina car accident can have a positive and significant impact on not only your case but on how you personally deal with the stress and problems related to your car accident. Knowing that you have engaged the services of a lawyer who truly understands your situation,…

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Podcast: Identifying Injury Case Problems

Hear more about potential issues related to your personal injury case from North Carolina Car Accident Attorney Jared Pierce. To listen to an audio podcast, move your mouse over the title and click “play.” To learn more about dealing with and identifying personal injury claim problems early, visit our NC Personal Injury Claims Strategies section: Podcast Description North Carolina personal injury lawyer Jared Pierce of…

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