Accident Claims Process

Car Accident Claims Process

If you have been injured in a North Carolina car accident, you are likely overwhelmed by the numerous questions you have as well as the questions you are constantly being asked. However, it has been my experience that the worst part of being involved in an accident is understand what happens next in the accident claims process. Not knowing how the claims process works, or what happens next, can make a potentially difficult situation even worse.

If you are anything like most accident victims, you likely have started prioritizing issues and concerns so that you can begin researching the answers as time permits. You may be wondering whether you should call about that follow up appointment now that your pain has worsened, when you should tell the insurance company about needing surgery, or simply whether you should sign the insurance company’s Hippa Release. While the answers to these questions are important, knowing what to expect from the personal injury claims process in North Carolina will likely help you in answering a significant percent of these already confusing questions.

While some believe that the personal injury claims process is complicated and intentional confusing, the process can actually be very linear and straightforward – for the most part. The accident claims process following an accident is often described by those who know as logical and predictable.

The accident claims process can be summarized as follows: (1) seeking emergency medical treatment (if needed), (2) opening an initial insurance claim, (3) seek follow up treatment as ordered by your physicians, (4) completing treatment, (5) gathering medical documentation and other evidence, (6) preparing a demand package explaining your case, (7) sending and waiting for your demand package to be reviewed by the insurance company, and (8) attempting to settle your claim, and then if necessary, filing a law suit.

Understanding your claims process can allow you to be better suited to handling each step of the process. It is important to understand each phase of the claims process because each of those steps will play a pivotal role in helping you to resolve your claim. It is important to remember that the claim process begins as soon as the accident takes place. So, it is beneficial to think about the process throughout your case because it will allow you to better plan ahead while you attempt to resolve your claim.

Ensuring that you have a firm understanding of the entire insurance claims process can help you avoid any delays in gathering information or evidence and presenting your claim for compensation. Knowing the basics about the development of your claim will greatly benefit you by giving you a familiarity with what is coming next and allowing you to plan ahead. As to whether it be diligently treating your injuries, preparing a demand, and hopefully negotiating a resolution to your claim, each part of the claims process helps prepare for the next step or something along those lines.

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