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Attorney’s Fees for Car Accident Claims in North Carolina

If are are planning on hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is important to ensure that you understand exactly how much of your injury settlement the lawyer will receive. One of the most common and significant complaints client make is that they did not know or understand that the lawyer would be receiving a one-third or one-fourth share of the gross recovery. While this may seem like a simply mistake, not knowing or understanding exactly how much of your injury settlement a personal injury lawyer will take means that you may not make informed and educated decisions about the gross settlement amount.

By understanding exactly how attorney’s fees are calculated you can avoid being the unfortunately client that says, “I should have waited to settle” or “I wish I had taken my case to trial.” Whether you are hiring a Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, or Charlotte personal injury lawyer, please ensure that you speak to the lawyer about how attorney’s fees are calculated before you sign the retainer agreement and ask for specific examples in writing. Additionally, if and when your personal injury claim received an offer from the insurance company, please be sure to ask your lawyer how much of the settlement would be going to attorney’s fees. Do not allow the attorney to “get back to you with those numbers,” stay vigilant and ensure that you settlement your personal injury claim knowing exactly where your money is heading.

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