What Your Lawyer Will Want to Know About Your Accident

The following is a list of items that you should gather or have answers to before you go meet with a Personal Injury Lawyer. This list is not meant to be exhaustive but will give you a general idea of what your Personal Injury Lawyer will be looking for in order to assist you with your Personal Injury Claim.

1. Who was involved in the incident?
2. When did the incident happen?
3. Where did the incident happen?
4. How did the incident happen?
5. What injuries were sustained?
6. How do you feel now?
7. What are the names and addresses of any witnesses?
8. What medical center or doctor treated you?
9. Do you have any type of insurance?
10. Have you contacted any of the listed insurance companies?
11. Where is the car, product, or other object that caused the accident?
12. Do you have any pictures of the incident?
13. Have you contacted any other attorneys and are they involved?
14. How did you find the attorney?
15. Have you been contacted by an insurance adjuster?

Consider the answer to each of these questions before meeting with an attorney. These questions provide the initial details which will help an attorney evaluate your North Carolina personal injury claim. The discussion of each question should also make you consider whether the lawyer you are meeting is the best lawyer for your personal injury claim.

It is important to carefully consider your legal counsel and not just hire the first attorney you meet. Understanding how that lawyer thinks, feels and acts is an important part of the personal injury process. How you feel about your attorney is also an important part of the puzzle. Understanding what your lawyer will want to know before you meet him or her will make the discussion flow smoothly and will help you both be more prepared to discuss your claim. For more information, read about gathering evidence for your NC personal injury claim.

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