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If you’ve suffered personal injury in a motor vehicle accident, the chances are likely that your automobile will be damaged as well. While physical injury or the inability to work can be both painful and infuriating, losing the freedom to drive due to the damage to your vehicle can be frustrating in and of itself. Simple trips to the grocery store, to work, or even getting to your doctor’s appointments can quickly become an expensive headache.

After a visit to the emergency room for having your injuries addressed, your next concern will likely be how you are supposed to get you and your family around. If you are not able to get your vehicle repaired or replaced by the person at-fault, and if no rental car is provided, you could quickly spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on taxis or ride-share services, just simply doing everyday tasks.

The first step towards taking back control of your life is resolving your transportation issues by opening a property damage claim or claims with the insurance companies. While insurance companies are not known for being speedy, it is important to balance your need for fast service with the need to be compensated adequate for your damages vehicle. Regardless, opening a property damage claim will likely require you to get an estimate, or estimates, for the damages to your vehicle. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to send their own claims adjuster out to assess the damage to your vehicle.

The first step towards taking back control of your life is resolving your transportation issues by opening a property damage claim or claims with the insurance companies.

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Insurance companies are known to employ entire teams of lawyers and adjusters who analyze and determine fault in automobile accidents. If the at-fault insurance company determines that you were at fault, the claims department will likely deny your claim, and refuse to pay your property damage claim. However, for claims where liability is clear, it is possible to handle your property damage claim without the assistance of legal counsel. Handling your own property damage claim may help to ensure that your claim is processed quickly and efficiently. By handling your property claim on your own, you may be able to save yourself valuable time and money.

In the days following your accident, some questions you may be asking yourself include: When will my car get fixed? Who’s going to pay for it? How long will it take? When can I get a rental? Who pays for the rental? While these are just a few of the questions you may be asking, we have designed this website and our legal practice to assisting ordinary people navigate through the property claims process following your motor vehicle accident. Moreover, at Wallace Pierce Law, we believe that ordinary people are more than capable of adequately handling their own property damage insurance claim with some simple guidance and without extensive legal know-how. While every situation is unique and different in its own right, this section of the website provides information related personal property damages specifically. This section is dedicated to discussing and exploring topics related to property damage claims, including: the filing property damage claims; market value of your property; rental cars; total loss situations; dealing with adjusters; accidents involving animals; and under-insured motorist coverage for property damage.

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